Let's go! For Your Hawaiian Dream.

Let’s GO!

For Your Hawaiian Dream.

Go Law Office was founded in 2013 by attorney Go Kobayashi. With the slogan “Let’s Go! For success in our dreams and business”, Go Law Office aim to provide services from the standpoint of the clients. With a great deal of experience and achievements in buying/selling hotels, office buildings and various industries, Kobayashi especially puts emphasis on supporting and giving advice to Japanese enterprises planning on advancement to Hawaii.

[ 3 features of Go Law Office ]
  1. Communication – Comfortable consultation
  2. Response – Quick and polite responses
  3. Price – Competitive rates

The Logo Mark

Our logo motif depicts an “infinite arrow” shape in addition to the shape of the word “GO”, which expresses our slogan “Let’s Go! – For Your Hawaiian Dream”. This “infinite arrow” shows that as a representative of the client, we will provide the law service of understanding the client’s standpoint, value the connection with the client, and guide our clients to success.